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2018 Sturgeon Season is in full swing.

The water temp is warming back up from the very cold snap we experienced 2 weeks ago. With that in mind the sturgeon are starting to chomp well.

My last few trips I’ve noticed the fish have been on the move. We would graph a decent group of fish, then a short time later the graph would go blank. The fish would be there for about 10-20 minutes then be moved on. So I have been moving fishing locations quite a bit and fishing 24-56ft of water.

I’m using C4 Custom Rods built on Rainshadow rod blanks matched with PENN Fathom lever drag reels. I use 50lb Xtreme braid with a 80lb test monofilament Berkley Big Game leader tied to a 6/0 or 7/0 hook.

This season i have been primarily using Salmon Roe and at times when the water temperature was its coldest bloody Eel was added into the lineup.

I anticipate April to be a super hot bite and possibly into May similar to last year.

I’ve been launching out of primarily Pittsburg, CA and at times Suisun City/Fairfield and still have a few dates remaining for April. If you’ve ever wanted to catch a sturgeon get on my calendar by contacting me.

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