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Almost ready to roll…. Striper time….

Xtreme- Angling has had some technical difficulties for the past month and I apologize for the lack of up-to date reports.

The motor blew in our boat and the ordering, shipping and installation of a new one took some time.  I just got back on the water for a test run and partial break in of the new motor and noticed one other minor issue which is being resolved as I type this.  The one thing that I can say, is that we will have a fully new motor and be ready to offer the best customer service and motor reliability on the water for years to come.

On this note, one thing to pay attention to when buying a used motor or boat, is to do in-depth research before your purchase.  I took the previous owners word on the history of the motor and did not question anything. I was super pleased with the time spent on the old motor and I put a solid 60 hours on it. Then had a total motor failure.  A piston snapped the rod and the piston shot a hole through the block and oil pan. The motor was shot.  Upon further inspection during the removal of the old motor and inspection of the motor, it was brought to my attention, water at some point had entered this motor. Not only that there was signs of water damage interior from some time ago, the piston that blew was not the original piston that was in the motor and their were signs that the motor had been taken apart before.  These were repairs that should have been noted and I suggest talking to the mechanic that services the motor and se if he ahs any different story from the owner. If you approve of the mechanic and trust their work if they did any then I say go ahead with the purchase.  A boats value is placed upon the motor; without a motor, you really have no boat. Repairs are a common thing with motors, but make sure they are done properly and noted when they were done so that you know for your own reference.


Anyways, back to a fishing report. The striper bite has gone wide open since Monday the 7th. I was on the water Sunday, April 6th to put some hours on the new motor for the break in period.  I fished as well and noticed that some of the sloughs were still very muddy. The main deep water channel was very nice clean green water and at the end of the evening we hit the West Bank for a look and the water looked good there. The days have been warming into the 80’s and the bite should have been right, but we only had a couple hits landing 1 solid keeper but overall it was slow. The next day the temp and clarity must have gotten just perfect because the bite went wide open. 

This whole week the other guides have been reporting early limits with many fish per boat.  The early season rains have raised the river levels enough to get the stripers to migrate up the Sac river to the usual areas below Colusa, Ca. The minnow bite has been wide open up there.  The fish are all through out the water system, but the air and water temp has been warm and the stripers are spawning during the night and 1st thing in the morning. Once they are done with the spawn they will head back towards the delta.


Even though the main spawn bite has just started it most likely will be over early.  I suggest booking soon, because by May 1st, I feel it will be over. The delta will still produce some fish, but it will be a lot tougher then the spawn bite. I will be finally ready to roll by mid next week and looking to get in on the hot action while it last.  Give me a call to reserve a spot on the boat or book the whole boat for a day.  This is a fun exciting trip with lots of fish averaging 3-6lbs and the larger ones going 10-17lbs. I’m itching to get back on the water!


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