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Downtown Sac River Salmon Season OCT/NOV 2014

I need to apologize for the lack of updates and reports. There has been a couple things that contributed to this but hopefully now they are finished and I can get back on to doing reports most every time I get out.


This years salmon season has been consistent but difficult. I’ve caught fish every guide trip, but not nearly the numbers like prior seasons.

I started this years season in Oct. fishing the Verona Area. I trolled Silvertron spinners, working the different trolling lanes. Since the end of October I have been fishing the Sac Metro area. We have had a mix of sucess but I feel that the best is yet to come. The water temp is currently 58 degrees and there are still alot of fish in the delta and working their way up.

IMG_5186 (1)

I have switched to almost exclusively the K-14 size Brads Killerfish trolling with a 2oz weight on a dropper rig. The fish are scatter throughout the system and this weekend 11/4/14 the main concentration seemed to be in the Garcia Bend area. I’m sure by tomorrow they will be in the Miller Park area.

I troll my Kwiks/killerfish slower then I troll my spinners and I select the lure based on the water temperature. Early season its all spinners trolling and as the water cools I switch to the Kwiks.


I plan on running trips all the way through the end of November and if the weather holds I think December will have more potential this season then last. Last year at the end of November it became few and far between fish on the fishfinder/ graph. RIGHT NOW!! is the time to get on the water with me. We have great upcoming weather and there isn’t much better then spending a day on the water catching some big fish.


Give me a call to get on the water. I have some upcoming dates available.

Captain RJ Bennett

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