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I’ve been fishing the Ocean the month of August, 2014

Xtreme-Angling has made several trips into the ocean this August for personal trips. There are a lot of fish outside the gate, staged along the Marin Coastline and out at the Channel Buoys. Boats have had decent success both trolling and mooching with a fish per rod up to limits on most days.


We have been targeting the water in 60-70ft of water and trolling FBR’s at 2-3mph. The lure/bait depth has been varied using the downriggers to match the depth of the bait schools I locate on the fish finder.


We have been mooching with 4-5oz weights with both anchovy and herring. The depth that these rig’s are lowered is the to match what the fishfinder shows. I try to match the bait or the fish that I see on the graph.


We have also been hitting some of the reefs and rock outcroppings to target rockfish. They have been coming on 6oz P line Lazer minnows and plastic swimbaits with a 4oz head.



There are a lot of fish out in front of the bay which will give us a good run of fish this fall for the river season. I’m looking forward to this season even though we have low water levels the fish still have to come up.

The river should be getting better as the nights have been cooling off and the daytime highs are lower, causing the water temperature to start to drop. There are fish getting caught up the river towards Red Bluff. I don’t usually fish that far north, but will be running trips up to the Chico, CA area starting in September. These trips will be a combination of Plugs and drifting Roe. If you want to book a spot or book the boat for your group. Contact me and we will set it up. I will begin to run my Downtown Sacramento, CA trips probably late September.

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