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Sturgeon season hit or miss! 

So this sturgeon season has been a whirlwind. January was tough for Xtreme-Angling with flooded water, freezing temps, cold water temps, and non stop rain.

Xtreme-Angling changed its normal fishing areas to Montezuma, Susuin and Grizzly Bays due to the flooded conditions of the Sacramento River. We were able to get out on a few trips with marginal success. Then the water temps raised and we got on the fish!

The fish we have targeted have been in 25-30ft of water using 8- 10oz weight with 50lb Xtreme Braid and 60-80lb mono leaders. I use 7/0 Gamakatsu big river hooks. Water temp is now 53-55 degrees. We’ve been Using ghost shrimp and eel as the primary bait.

Outgoing tide has been the best, but fish can be caught on the incoming as well. I’m evening hearing of a few during slack.

Xtreme-Angling set a new sturgeon record for the boat with a large 75″ to the fork in the tail oversize. Congrats to Patrick Shima again, who was also the previous title holder.

We have been getting a mix of keepers and undersized fish and every day has been a little different. Locations and tides have played a huge roll in catching this season and I’m looking for the bite to stay strong through March.

Stripers are showing up for the spring spawn with more being caught each trip.

Xtreme Angling has added some new rods into the Sturgeon arsenal. C4 customs rods has built some amazing rods for bait fishing sturgeon!

Stripers will be hot in April and May!!

Give me an email at to schedule your fishing adventure!!

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