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2016 Salmon season is underway!!

Xtreme-Angling started their Sacramento River Salmon Season on Oct. 1st and it has been steady fishing. Xtreme Angling fishes the Sacramento Metro area and primarily trolls for the salmon.


So far every client has been able to catch atleast one fish, if not their limit of two.


This has been an exciting season with really clean fish and bright red/orange king salmon filets for the dinner table.


The salmon bite has been first thing in the morning with another bite occurring in the  later afternoon.


I am utilizing a new technique this season that seems to be paying off for us. Although, the standard various double bladed spinners and kwikfish/ killerfish will still work. This new technique consist of using a large flasher 8″ or  11″ and a Brads Cut plug pulled behind it.


The rigging consist of a 3 way swivel, with a 2-3 foot dropper weight of 8-12 oz. The third swivel has roughly an 18-24″ leader of 30-40lb Xtreme Braid mono line tied to a large snap swivel. This snap connects to the flasher. The back side of the flasher then has a 3ft leader of 30lb monofilament connected to the Brads Cutplug stuffed with a can tuna mixture. I use 40-50lb Xtreme Braid as my main line.


I troll this combination going with the current at 3.2-3.7 mph which is about 1 MPH faster then my standard techniques speed and try to stay in the deeper lanes of 16-22ft of water just as I do with all of my downtown salmon trolling.

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