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2019 spring Sturgeon

Xtreme Angling has been on the water several times during the month of March. Some days have been stellar and others a little slower.

The water temp has risen to 58 degrees then drops a few degrees but has been floating between 56-58 degrees.

The sturgeon are on the chew but you have to find the right school or area where they are currently feeding. One area maybe full of marks on the graph but the next day they have moved on.

I’ve been getting my fish on both the incoming and outgoing tides. The main bait has been sturgeon cured salmon roe.

More rain is expected this week, but water temperatures are expected to remain the same.

Stripers are moving through the delta system, but the schools are constantly moving up. One day maybe better then the next.

I anticipate the bite to continue to improve into April and hoping to set some more boat records.

We will see you out on the water!

Captain RJ Bennett

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