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April 2018 Sturgeon on fire! Stripers moderate, California Delta

Xtreme-Angling has been on the water during the month of April-2018 with great success.

The water has warmed to above 57 degrees making the bite strong. Unfortunately, the heavy rains have dirtied the water clarity dampening the striper trolling bite in the delta. On a good note this fresh push of water has caused the sturgeon bite to become hot.

The majority of the spawning striped bass have been pulled up the rivers similar to last season. Colusa, Yuba City and areas farther up the water systems from Sacramento have become wide open. Guides are catching early limits and at times running both morning and afternoon trips.

I’ve been targeting the sturgeon in the Pittsburg to Benicia waterway. Fishing 24 to 50 feet of water with salmon roe.

My C4 custom Rainshadow sturgeon rods have been performing flawless and provide the right amount of soft tip (for bite detection) but yet the backbone needed to land the large beast. Paired with Penn Fathom reels customized by JEC arms Cerekoting. Each reel is spooled with 50lb Xtreme Braid fishing line attached to an 80lb monofilament leader.

JEC arms in Northern California has been providing some amazing Cerekote customization to Xtreme-Anglings tools, reels, knives.

The tides have been strong which has resulted in good sturgeon fishing but unfortunately, the spring winds have arrived in force causing the cancelling of trips and making guide trips challenging.

I’ve been catching a mix of undersize, keepers and oversized.

I foresee the next month and a half to be stellar fishing and I have a few weekend days available to book an amazing trip.

Tight lines,

Captain RJ Bennett

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