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6/21/14 Folsom Lake Trout

I took a little scout trip on Folsom Lake Saturday June 21st with my dad. The lake level is lower then normal but completely fish-able with a four lane ramp extending into the water at Granite Bay. The gate was open when we arrived and we hit the water at first light at approximately 5:45. It was gorgeous sunrise.


We ran across the lake to the South side and Put the lines in after marking bait and seeing birds on the surface. Fairly quickly we were hooked up to our first rainbow of the day on a bronze colored needle fish.


We were attempting to target Rainbows and Kings in the depths of 30-50ft down on the downriggers. We landed fish on the Pond Smelt colored Arctic Fox Trolling Tube Fly and needlefish both with and without Dodgers.

IMG_8177 (1)

We got off the water as the lake started becoming crowded around 1:00pm. We had landed 7 rainbows, lost 2 and had several hits that didn’t connect with a hook up. The water surface temp was 73 degrees. we trolled somewhere between 1.8-2.0 mph. At the ed of our day we ran up the north fork a little ways to put lines in, but we graohed far less fish and if you got off the main deep channel the water got shallow quick.


Overall the fish were on the smaller size. We had a couple decent sized rainbows but most of them were small. We never found a king. At least I know where there is a population of fish and should be able to do even better the next time out.

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