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Collins Lake Trout Fishing 2/2 and 2/5 2014


I took my 4 year old son for a half day at Collins Lake on Super Bowl Sunday.  It was a little chilly and overcast but the fishing was great. We had approximately 12 bites in the 3.5 hours but we only landed 5  of them and several were lost part way back to the boat.  My 4 year old was on the rod for all the reeling in and a fantastic time.  The action was consistent and we targeted one area that seemed to be holding most of the fish. All the fish were caught on Artic Fox Trolling Flies and Rapala’s.


My son even landed on his first fish using one of those kids push button 2ft fishing poles.


On Wednesday 2/5 in the afternoon  Xtreme- Angling hit the waters of Collins Lake again to shoot some video footage and get the crew of Arctic Fox Trolling flies on the water for a video and photo session.  The weather was prefrontal and getting cold. The fishing was much slower as we fished a full half day and only had probably 8-10 bites but only landed 5 fish.


The fish that we found being a little active were in a different area then they had been the last few trips, it was still a tough bite even once we found an area with some active fish.  The Arctic Fox trolling Flies are a new product that Xtreme-Angling is happy to promote, because I have found a great success in them.  I have had days on the water where they have produced 3 to 1 compared to other lures and grubs.  I will be doing a write up on this product in the near future.  On both trips the majority of the fish have come on dark colors. In the Arctic Fox flies the Vampire color and Tui Chub have been the main colors that have been getting the hits. The fish have not been touching the shad colors for me.


Collins Lake is Doing a big plant this week and let me know if anyone is looking to get out on the water, Fishing will be really strong for the next few weeks after the plant and since I believe this is the start of their spring planting season fishing will be good through the spring. Collins lake plants many larger size trout known as trophy trout and this plant this week includes these fish. If your interested in a fun filled fish catching day with the potential of catching a big rainbow trout give me a call.

Cpt.   RJ Bennett

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